Clients and Solutions

Compuzone Consulting

Local and Longer Distance

Based in Sullivan County, NY we are local enough to provide rapid response when needed. However, we are not adverse to traveling some distance to either service your eome PC, or remote office when needed.

Dedicated Professionals

With over 20 years experience in multiple environments, we know what it means when you say "Mission Critical" when you need to be running 100%. We also posess the knowledge and dedication required to get the job done.

It takes more than knowledge to satisfy a clients needs; understanding, professionalism and a smile are also part of our skillset."

for peice of mind.

Anyone with a screwdriver, access to google and some computer knowledge can provide basic support for most environments. However, when things become more complicated these individuals usually leave you less than satisfied. We have provided consulting services to Large corporations (Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Merrill Lynch) as well as smaller businesses and home PC's. Upon your request, a complete resume and local references can be sent to you.


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